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Resellers are key to providing solutions to small and medium business that rely on them as trusted technology partners of their IT needs. However resellers are increasingly seeing products being sold directly online and are shifting their model to offering new solutions that cannot be done easily in-house and to work with supply chain partners that protect their interests.

SequelNet is devoted to reseller partners’ nonstop success. We diligently seek out and source a broad range of innovative yet practical solutions that are selling well in the small and medium business space.

We are experts engineers, in all Microsoft product and services, as well as certified with Cisco, Watch-Guard, our services and solutions are being tested in different environment before come to use by your end user, and if there is a need to bend or make changes to our robust technology and service to adopt with your end user requirements we will take the task as a challenge for ourselves.

Our business model is based on focusing on a subset of proven and tested solutions we know are selling and having a long-term relationship with our reseller partners. We provide resellers with a complete line of interrupt tested solutions for cloud computing, Data management solution, IP Telephony, Video Conferencing and others so our partners can choose the best solutions for their customers among several market leaders. We offer our partners a line of professional IP Infrastructure services and products with protected online prices so you can update and secure your customer's IP Infrastructure for today's high-bandwidth requirements and Cloud Centric environment.


We are sister company with IPPBX, at IPPBX we started our own unique platform back to early 1998, since then IPPBX has installed more than 15000 premise-based, and over 100,000 cloud-based installations.

Our top quality service and multileveled support adds to better customer satisfaction and remarkable customer retention rate which helps to ensure clients we put on service will stay on service for years to come, this is main reason at IPPBX we do not obligate our customers to any form of contract, because we have 100% confident that they cannot find any service likes us in any shape of forms.

Our platform are constructed to easily scale up, change main flow on fly, relocate or move as easy as moving the phone set without hassle or need to use an expert.

Since 2007 our In-cloud IPPBX has helped, thousands of organizations and Small- Large size companies to be able to use same phone system that’s only available to American Corporates, with no upfront nor major investment. Our unique simplified but still super-smart platform, has saved time and money to thousands of customers worldwide, we port phone numbers in many countries.

We have established very strong and profitable relationship with many private held copier and printer resellers nationwide.


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