What is DaaS?

DaaS is a high performance display protocol fabricated to provide virtual desktops and to provide end users with the best, high performance desktop experience regardless of task or location. With DaaS, the entire computing experience is being done in Data-center, only key strokes and mouse actions will be transmitted across public network, even this key board strokes and mouse actions will be compressed, encrypted and encoded before being transmitted across a standard IP network to DaaS-enabled endpoint devices.
Unlike legacy display protocols, which were built to deliver applications, DaaS was built with high performance desktop delivery in mind, adaptive technologies; DaaS ensures the best user experience regardless of end-user location on the LAN or across the WAN.

IT Benefits of VMware View with DaaS

Virtualization with DaaS enables IT organizations to standardize on the leading desktop virtualization platform. With standardization comes the ability to address an increasingly diverse set of user requirements and extend the benefits of desktop virtualization to the full range of end-users. With virtualization and DaaS, IT organizations are better positioned to deliver the highest levels of service and address the evolving needs of end-users while further simplifying desktop management, reducing operating costs and increasing overall desktop security.

End-user Benefits of Virtualization with DaaS

For end-users, virtualization with DaaS delivers the best user experience with maximum flexibility. Work with productivity applications, view multimedia content, choose from any number of display configurations and flawlessly access locally attached peripherals for an uncompromised, rich computing experience. With DaaS more end-users can realize the benefits of the virtual desktop solution from more locations than ever before.

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