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Our Virtual Data Center is a Virtual Private Cloud Computing Service that enables customers to leverage guaranteed resource availability (processor, memory and disk resources). Using the Virtual Private Cloud customers gain the ability to create virtual machines and allocate and provision computing assets on demand from Admin Control Panel.
We provide IT professionals with the built-in control and resiliency of an enterprise-class computing environment coupled with the scalability and flexibility of the virtual private cloud. In addition, security always is priority our Virtual Servers provide the privacy and security that companies require for safe production computing environments.
And customers have multiple options to establish private connectivity as if the servers were still sitting in their own on premise office.


Replace multiple on-site servers, support, upgrades and backup with a simple “cloud sourced” service.


Pay just for resources that are needed, for a predictable monthly fee.


Users can gain access to virtual servers from any location, while administrators can support and deploy from a centralized location.


Our cloud Services delivered from 4 different geographically center, NYC, LA and Las Vegas in USA and Amsterdam in Europe, ensuring that services are available regardless of conditions at your location. Ensuring that Cloud services are available regardless of conditions at your location.


Meet business requirements by adding additional resources to virtual machines, or adding additional virtual machines inside resource pools.


Every 10 second our system is replicating all the changes from one location to other, this gives you Immediately rectify PC problems by remotely restarting, or reimaging the desktop saving IT time and putting employees back to work immediately.


Work with speed up to 700 Mbs connected directly to Data Infrastructure of Global Network.


Enjoy unmatched control and point-and-click configuration over all services through admin control panel


Physical and Virtual security are no longer your issue. True customer isolation enables you leverage the power of the cloud without the risk.

To serve our clients, our staff needs to log in to our local server, Which meant they had to be physically in our building. Now, since we’ve moved to the cloud with SequelNet, all they need is a decent Internet connection, and they can log in from an airport, restaurant, home office, hotel room, tradeshow, or wherever. They get the full desktop experience just as if they were sitting in our main office. Better still, because it’s all hosted in the cloud, we don’t have to worry about our business continuity. In fact, when Hurricane Sandy hit our area, our systems didn’t miss a beat.

Grece Lee, Market Pioneer.
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