Virtual Reception

Once a call is forwarded from your phone, it travels instantaneously to IPPBX Virtual Receptionist and activates your company information screen to ‘pop up’ in front of your IPPBX Virtual Receptionist. The caller is completely unaware that the diversion has been made – they believe the call is being answered in your office. Your IPPBX Virtual Receptionist answers the call in your company name, then selects the person that the call is for on-screen and is immediately shown how that person wants the call handled, along with an outline of their schedule.

Calls put through to you.

Calls put through to you wherever you are – on your direct line, at home, on your cell phone. You simply let your IPPBX Virtual Receptionist know what number you are available on, and she will transfer the call through to you there. She will introduce every call to you, giving you the opportunity to decide whether or not to take it.

Messages Taken.

All messages are sent immediately following a call and can be sent by email, fax or text message. Your calls and messages are also available whenever you need them on ‘IPPBX Virtual Receptionist Online’. You will always know exactly who called, when, from what company and the exact nature of their inquiry.

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