LIHA Success Story

Being Medical Facility on seven different Locations it is really hard for us to lose focus from patients care in order to maintain all the computers, servers, phones and other IT stuff on a central location with 100% HIPPA compliance. For this we had to hire IT specialist to back up the data from servers on daily basis. We hired a third party IT Company who installed thin clients and taken care of all our IT jobs and it was very expensive. Even then we were keep having issues on daily basis the big problem we had is that the thin clients they provided us does not support USB Devices like USB printer and USB scanners.

They suggested us to buy new printers and scanner for it. We were surprised when we hear to buy new Printers and scanner because we recently bought them. We started thinking to get rid of that company and hiring our in house IT staff the way we were doing it before but SequelNet made our business smoother and easiest while introducing the SequelNet Cloud computing and phone system. Now we do not need to maintain computers, data back up or other IT stuff even we do not need to hire highly qualified IT specialist. Also we did not bought new printers and scanners because they have solution for USB devices to be run on thin clients. Everything is being maintained by SequelNet on a central location which is fully HIPAA compliant. Our all doctors are happy now because they can access and share patient documents, health data easily between all seven locations and our billing department. Thank you SequelNet team for magically making our life easy.

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