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We have three locations “Bay shore”, “Lake Grove” and “Amityville”. Every location was connected to each other via VPN, if one location is down it effects all other locations, since everyone works on Medical Software for that slow processing or disconnection was not acceptable. We tried lots of companies who are providing thin clients but the problem we had with them they do not support USB devices.

We heard about SequelNet cloud computing and phone system, after demonstration we decided to deploy it in our all locations because their cloud computing is faster and they have solution for USB devices to connect with their thin clients. Now every location is connected to the same RDP on the same network without any VPN on SequelNet cloud computing system. Since our data is on a single shared drive and we can access that easily. We appreciate the services of SequelNet cloud computing and phone system they helped us to make faster our business processes and communication between our all locations and patients.

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