SequelNet Desktop Standard Features:
  • Virtual Windows 7 Desktop
  • Smart Remote printing
    • With no need of Drivers, print from cloud to your local printer
    • Print to PDF, with no need of Adobe (no need to keep on Adobe updates)
    • Printing in monitoring Mode, this will automatically prints any PDF file appearing in selected folders, also you can print these PDF files to NOT- Networked local printers
    • Immediate printing without delay from cloud, our technology has his own compression which delivers extraordinary speed on print jobs
    • Plug and Play printers without any setup
    • Our print technology uses Microsoft Virtual Channel technology, so there is no need of any network configuration
    • Shortcut menu, right- click on any open document on cloud and print locally
    • File Transfer in windows environment, right-click and transfer file to local PC.
  • Smart Scanning:
    • Scan to TIFF, JPEG, and BMP
    • Secure and extremely fast, we encrypt and compress all communications transmitted via Microsoft Virtual Channel.
    • No need of scanner drives
    • The best solution for Healthcare Providers, scan all patient document to central server on cloud
    • Import PDF documents and edit them remove pages or add pages
    • Import Camera, you can now take snapshots from the web camera connected to your PC, and directly import those images. Ideal for EMR, CRM, etc.
    • Extend Scanners, this will convert your ordinary scanner to a virtual scanner accessible to all users
    • Scan to PDF or save as image, no need of Adobe.
  • Hybrid environment.
  • Hybrid environment provides:
    • Uninterruptable access even if your office internet is down, Local Client Mode (LCM)
    • Allow segregate resources, like dedicate more memory to staff who needs more
    • Access to File Server with multilevel access policy manager
  • DaaS delivery protocol provides:
    • Seamless desktop user experience
    • Rich media content
    • Access to local USB peripherals
  • Built-in Virus protection (Virus and Malware Protection).
  • Access from Windows and Mac computers, various thin clients, iPad and Android tablets
  • Add any application that you own to your desktop image
  • Integrate virtual desktops with your Active Directory and application servers or allow us to integrate all together on Virtual Servers.
Desktop Optional Features / Applications:
  • Microsoft Office 2010-2013 (Standard or Enterprise) or Open Office
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Office Applications like Exchange and OCS/Lync
  • Shared storage and backup
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