Q: What is The DaaS?

A: DaaS: a virtual workspace that provides users (admins, IT professionals and employees) with access to all of their applications, files and data on nearly any internet-enabled ‘smart’ device. Each individual is provided with dedicated CPU or CPUs and memory allowing them to work exactly as they would with a traditional laptop or desktop, often with improved performance.
The solution is powered by VMWare View and Microsoft HyperV and is deployed on Super Micro System Servers and Cisco hardware as a completely hosted Virtual Infrastructure solution.

Q: Where can I access The SequelNet DaaS?

A: Anywhere that you have internet connectivity including cable modem and 3G/4G wireless connections – from home, from the coffee shop, from the airport, from the office, etc.

Q: How do I access The SequelNet DaaS?

A: You can access The DaaS from netbooks, ultra books, iPads and Android tablets, from any computer running Windows OS, Linux, Macs, or from any thin client devices.

Q: What’s included with The DaaS?

A: The DaaS includes a full Windows 7, 64 bit desktop experience with dedicated CPU and memory for each user. The DaaS allows IT professionals to centrally manage virtual desktops for better administrative control and security.

Q: Do I need to pay twice for my desktop operating system if I currently have an Open/Volume licensing agreement with Microsoft on my physical workstations?

A: No

Q: How do my peripherals such as printers and USB devices work?

A: All USB peripherals that are supported in Windows will be supported in The DaaS.

Q: What applications can I use on my DaaS? And what about my line of business applications (CRM, File Storage, Accounting Systems, etc.) that reside on servers in the data center?

A: The DaaS supports BYOL (Bring-Your-Own-Licensing), Open-source licensing such as Open Office, or we can provide Microsoft Office applications via a monthly subscription model. The DaaS fully supports all of business applications (any windows based application or clients based program). The DaaS allows the same type of experience as on your physical desktops.

Q: Who manages my applications and desktop?

A: Your current administrator or third party consultant is responsible for your Active Directory, users’ permissions and policies, desktop applications, and endpoint device support. SequelNet manages Virtual Environment, resource pools and licensing, keeping healthy and secure whole virtual infrastructure, network, and consumable resources (CPU, RAM, Disk).
Plus you can gain access to strong capabilities of our expert engineering on-site staff.

Q: Our organization needs to maintain on-site Domain Controllers and has complex architecture requirements. Will The DaaS support domain integration and custom environments?

A: Yes, our Hybrid environment brings fully supports premise-to-cloud domain integration and was built specifically to meet the needs of the mid-market enterprise.

Q:Am I a good candidate for the DaaS?

A:  SequelNet Desktop Standard Features:

  • Want to decrease down time to almost zero, Since DaaS has SLA of 99.99%
  • Wants to control their IT cost
  • Wants to extend the life of older PCs / laptops and reduce the frequent PC replacement.
  • Has between 5 and 1000+ employees and a distributed workforce.
  • Wants to increase security.
  • Wants to have proper back up with multi location redundancy
  • Employs teleworkers and / or a mobile workforce.
  • Requires timely access to resources, data and information regardless of location.
  • Wants to reduce the overall costs of supporting their desktop infrastructure and software.
  • Has limited IT resources and needs to achieve peak efficiency.
Q: Is this all or nothing – does everyone in the company have to be on it?

A: No, The DaaS is not an all or nothing proposition. While the most common deployment, is to bring both desktops and line of business applications within the Sequel Net IP hosting environment, businesses can select just the users for whom it makes the most sense, (such as remote users, employees in satellite offices, users with older PCs) and hybrid deployment models are supported.

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