Conference Bridge


  • Capacity of 500 calls per conference room
  • Conference IVR support - Multiple IVR nodes:
    • Plays Message – play pre-recorded audio or use text to speech to invite called person to join conference instead of called person make call to join conference.
    • Conferencing – Dial contacts and put them into the same conference room.
    • Capture Name – as call is being registered, system asks caller to announce their name and records their voice, this recording will be used to announce their name in conference as well as if they get disconnected in any time during conference system will play their name recording to inform that person has got disconnected, for example, as I join conference, my name will be play as Matthew joined, if I get disconnected system will play “Matthew” to inform Matthew left conference.
    • Record – Record all conference
    • SMS – Send an SMS to the contact during the call.
    • Branching – Go to specified part of the IVR depending on the contact’s input.
    • Tag support in TTS - Text to speech with contact tags so that variables can be inserted into the message, for example; “Hello, Mr {surname}, we are calling you in behalf of {company_name}”.
  • Reporting – extensive call data and survey reports exportable to CSV.
  • TTS Support – Text to Speech support in File and multiple languages using Acapela TTS
  • Audio Upload – Simple interface for uploading audio files.
  • AMD – Answering Machine Detection with “record-your-message-now” beep identification.
  • Multi-User – Supports multiple users, facilitating SaaS voice broadcast providers to allow their customers to create their own voice broadcast campaigns.
  • Extensive Documentation and training
  • Instantly scalable – You can set up new workers without central configuration.
  • Concurrency –Concurrent Calls Scheduling.
  • Recurring Tasks – Supports recurring tasks like cron, or specifying an exact date or countdown for when the task should be executed.
  • Web Interface –can be managed via a Web interface.
  • Real-time web-based reports – For call details and current calls.
  • Import Contacts - Import contact details from a .csv file
  • Appointments Module – Send out reminders by Voice, SMS or email at a pre-determined time.
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