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Call Campaigner is a voice broadcast and SMS messaging platform that sends telephone calls and text messages at very high speed to help you grow and retain your customer base effectively.

Who is Call Campaigner for?

Call Campaigner can be used by anyone who has a need for mass outbound calling, for marketing voice broadcasting or providing outbound IVR. Some of the potential uses for Call Campaigner are listed below.

The system is loaded up with a list of telephone numbers that can be dialed sequentially at very high rates of calling, potentially delivering many millions of calls per day.


  • Run Satisfaction surveys: you can run complex or simple questioner and ask about any topics or ask to rate their experience with your services or staff.
  • Live lead generation: using “Press One” campaigns are widely viewed as very effective marketing and sales tool.
  • Telecasting: Broadcast marketing or informational messages to customers and clients.
  • Phone Polling, Voting: Ring large numbers of people and present IVR options for either polling their opinions, interactive surveys, or taking their vote and record the results.
  • Debt Control: Customers can be automatically reminded at intervals that they owe money, and an IVR menu presented to talk to the finance department or passed to a credit card capture IVR to pay over the phone.
  • Appointment reminders: Doctors, Dentists, and other organizations that make appointments for their clients can integrate Call Campaigner into their appointment systems to pass a message reminding them of an upcoming appointment.
  • Mass Emergency Broadcasting: Where there is a necessity to warn large numbers of people in a short space of time, such as weather warnings.
  • Subscription Reminders and Renewals: Where a company sells an annual subscription for a product or service, Call Campaigner can be configured to dial the customer, remind them that the subscription is due, and optionally pass the call into a call center or into a credit card payment IVR.
  • Outbound Call Conferencing: An effective way of joining people up into a conference. System calls people and invites them to join to the conference


  • IVR support - Multiple survey IVR nodes:
    • Play Message – play pre-recorded audio or use text to speech to a contact on answer.
    • Capture Digits – Capture a number of digits, with checks to confirm they are the right length within a specified range.
    • Multi-choice – capture a single digit between 0 and 9.
    • Rating – Capture a number between 1 and X with checks to confirm the number is within the specified range.
    • Record – Record audio from the contact.
    • Conferencing – Dial contacts and put them into the same conference room.
    • DNC – Do Not Call, give contact ability to opt out of further calls.
    • Call Transfer – Bridge the call to an agent on contact answering for live lead generation “Press One” campaigns
    • SMS – Send an SMS to the contact during the call.
    • Sectioning– Go to specified part of the IVR depending on the contact’s input.
    • Variable/tag support in TTS - Text to speech with contact tags so that variables can be inserted into the message, for example; “Hello, Mr {surname}, we are calling you in behalf of {company_name}”.
  • Reporting – extensive call data and survey reports exportable to CSV.
  • TTS Support – built in text to speech module
  • Audio Upload – Simple interface for uploading audio files.
  • AMD – Answering Machine Detection with “record-your-message-now” beep identification.
  • SMS – SMS broadcasting supported.
  • Auto-Redial - Can re-try to the non-connected numbers at a later time.
  • Web Interface – Call Campaigner can be managed via a Web interface.
  • Real-time web-based reports – For call details and current calls.
  • Remote Queries – You can query status and results via URLs, enabling the ability to poll task status using Ajax.
  • Import Contacts - Import contact details from a .csv file


Q:How to start with Call Campaigner?

A:You just need to upload your contact list, create a campaign, record or upload your desired message so system will start sending calls on all mentioned numbers with desired message.

Q:How do I upload contact list?

A:It is very simple; from any computer with single click you will be able to upload your contact list. On daily basis you need to upload new contact list.

Q:How to create a campaign?

A:It’s simple, you just need to select campaign (Voice/SMS), select a name and then select the phone book that will be used for this campaign. Now your campaign is ready for use.

Q:How many contacts can be uploaded?

A:You can upload as many contacts as you want on daily basis.

Q: Does system generate call details report.

A:Yes system generates the call reports for every number. It shows which call is picked up and which one is rejected. It’s also shows whether call is picked by human or answering machine.

Q:Does system shows survey detail report.

A:Yes system is intelligent it shows up all details about calls, with exact report on how many confirmed and who requested to reschedule.

Q:Can we use human voice for the announcements?

A:Yes for sure, you can record your announcements from any landline phone or cell phone and choose which one to be play for different purpose.

Q:Can we upload audio files?

A:Yes you can upload audio files in mp3 or .wav format.

Q:If confirmation call be picking up with a Voicemail, what would happen?

A:Our system is smart, can recognize call is being picked up by human or Voicemail, and you can program different behavior as call goes to voice mail, like simply hung up or leave regular message or leave different message like eliminating name, saying like, someone at this house hold has an appointment with Dr. Smith.

Q:Can we set-up schedule for calls?

A:Yes, you can set up a schedule for calls with day, time and date. Like call between 4 Pm to 6 PM or …

Q:Does system support call transfer feature?

A:Yes system has call transfer feature and you can use it by pressing desired key. Like offering if called person want to talk to a live agent in office or leave a message

Q:Can we use system to run satisfaction survey?

A:Yes, you can run complex or simple questioner and ask about any topics or ask to rate their experience with your services or staff. Like system will call and ask if you are satisfied with our service please press 1 or not satisfied then press2.

Q:Can we use system to offer our client a survey on all incoming calls to our phone system on daily bases?

A:Absolutely yes, system is compatible with any kind of old, legacy, or brand like Avaya…. Please give us a call we will explain it how this will work, adding this feature is no time to any existing phone system or hosted services.

Q:Can system be used for appointment reminder?

A:Yes, Doctors, Dentists, and other organizations that make appointments for their clients can integrate Call Campaigner into their appointment systems to pass a message reminding them of an upcoming appointment. In most situation you can run 2 different call campaign, first 4 days before system will call to confirm and day before just calls to confirmed people as reminder, simple as delivering a message with your voice like, “ this is Natalie, do not forget that you have an appointment confirmed tomorrow at 4 pm with Dr. Smith”

Q:Can people confirm or reschedule their appointments?

A:Yes, upon call receiving people can confirm or reschedule their appointments by pressing suggested keys. Like system will ask you to confirm your appointment by pressing 1 and press 2 to reschedule your appointment.

Q:Can Call Campaigner be used for debt control?

A:Yes, It is possible to load a list of debtors into the system phonebook, and call each debtor, and on answer present them with an option to listen to their outstanding balance, speak to the finance department, or even to present a credit card IVR so that the customer can make payment immediately over the phone. Furthermore, the customers were grateful to be called, saving them the cost of a phone call, and avoiding having to queue to talk to the finance department to pay their bill.

Q:Can this system be used for outbound call conferencing?

A:Yes, it can be used to joining people into a conference. Outbound Call Conferencing is an effective way of joining people up into a conference. Rather than relying on people to remember to phone into the conference, a list of attendees can be uploaded, and the campaign set to launch at the appropriate time, like at (4PM). System will call all the people at 4PM and put them into conference.

Q:Can this system be used for voting?

A:Yes it can be used for taking votes and record the results. political parties, organizations and associations often have a need to survey their members to discover their opinion, to indicate which way they may vote at an upcoming election, or simply to take a survey, such as a customer satisfaction survey. system has the ability to phone large numbers of people and then present an ivr menu which can present a number of questions to the called party, and by using the keypad, can indicate their preferences, or take part in a telephone survey. the results can then be recorded and used for later analysis.

Q:Do you charge for listing of 2015 US BUSINESS DATABASE (includes 26 Million+ US Businesses 50 States & DC)?

A:Listings are free of charge you could sort our numbers based on area codes, SIC codes or zip-codes and annual revenue.

Q:What type of data is included in your database?

A:Company Name, Email Address, Address, City, State, Zip-code, Phone Number, Fax Number, Sic Code, Sic Description, Web Address, Area Codes, # Of Employees And Annual Revenue.

Q:How do you charge?

A:We charge a flat rate per call/min $0.15 for US and Canada.

Q:How do I purchase credits?

A:We accept payment via PayPal & Credit Cards; you could purchase minimum $150.00 to run your campaigns for 1000 minutes.

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