ARIA / beyond Document Management


Introducing ARIA , a revolution in document/email management integrated with Microsoft Outlook

ARIA is an extensible platform that you can customize to match your business processes.

It improves productivity by cutting down on time wasted on tracking documents /issues and coordination.

ARIA improves quality by ensuring all tasks are recorded down with all the details and followed up till is integrated with Microsoft Outlook, allows managing and working through friendly environment of Outlook to save time and no need of learning another platform. It saves time and resource on scanning process, since there is no need of scanning any documents, Documents can be added by sending email with attached document as well as scanning.

ARIA lets you prioritize, assign, track, report and audit your ‘Clients’ and manage related documents (Fully automated) from web interface as well as simple integration from Microsoft Outlook . You can manage and store files in JIRA/ORACLE on a project level and also you can post documents related to that project/Client sub categories, making them available to other project members. The files that you attach are stored in ORACLE database managed by JIRA, more exactly in a sub-folder of the JIRA attachments folder, thus simplifying your administrative and backup procedures. The access to the documents tab and different operations on the posted documents are configurable via permissions settings.

Integrate emails, articles, comments, tasks with ARIA in most simple action, “FORWARDING” your email to a designated email address along with documents that’s all rest will be done by ARIA. As long as Case # or Project name is a part of subject (anywhere), ARIA saves email’s body, as well as attached documents in same directory (NO need of scanning or moving documents ) . Despite Outlook, which emails need to open one by one to see content, ARIA’s search tool allows you to see emails and all contents in same page as comments, cutting wasting time of opening each email. Same for documents, all related documents will be on same page easy access and browse. No need to keep emails in Outlook anymore, Outlook stays health and fast .Utilizing ORACLE Database, as core, makes ARIA a robust solution built to last forever. Search emails, articles and documents in second. Share documents using permission rights. Access your Data 24/7 from anywhere or any devices (Pc, Mac, IPAD, IPHONE …)

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