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Q:Can I port my number to your service?

A:Yes, as long as your number is portable, usually takes about 10 business days to port your number to our service

Q:Do you provide Numbers in all US and Canadian area codes?

A:Yes, if you find an area code which we do not have in our inventory, please contact our support usually will take 2 business days to full fill any new number available for activation

Q:Is there a charge on incoming faxes, Is there a limit on incoming pages?

A:Incoming pages are unlimited with no extra charges, all inclusive in monthly payment

Q:What type of file format I have to use to send faxes?

A: You can send faxes as Send faxes in following file formats, DOC, DOCS, GIF, JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, PDF, TIF, XLS, WLSX, or TXT

Q:Can we use regular fax machine to send faxes out?

A: Yes, you can purchase an analog gateway and hock it up to your fax machine and start using fax machine to send faxes.

Q:Can we keep our existing Fax number?

A:Yes, we can port your existing number to our service, usually takes 10 business days to move your line to our service, we provide you exact date and time of porting service.

Q:While I am receiving a fax, Is my number busy, another work while receiving is it possible to receive another fax, or line will be busy?

A:Your standard account comes with NO BUSY TONE, means you can receive concurrent faxes on same number

Q:Sending Faxes out? How does it work?

A:You can sign up for sending faxes out for flat rate on monthly base charge, and that covers unlimited out going faxes.

Q:Is there a other charges, hidden … involved with Fax service?

A:There is only state taxes, average of 7% added to monthly bill.

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