Q:Can we automate our process of sales orders, shipping and invoicing with ERP?

A:Yes, we customize system based on your need; every company has different policies and priorities, ERP is about to full fill your requirements

Q:Is accounting become fully integrated with other part of business?

A:Yes, with ERP, accounting will be main core of business and all other modules like production and planning will be working totally streamline with accounting

Q:We would like to use barcodes to expedite our processing as well as reduce human error, is system capable to generate barcodes and use them in daily process?

A:Yes, as well as can adopt your existing Barcode solution, and integrated to itself.

Q:We use time sheets for attendance, how ERP can help us in this matter?

A:Time Attendance and performance is one of main role of ERP, not only will make your attendance 100% automated via biometric or barcodes capturing devices, also will analyses production or job accomplishment to time attendance to create performance reports

Q:Is your ERP like on the shelve product, suites all type of small to med size businesses.

A:On shelf software or methods hardly work in the small to mid-size market because organizations have different prospects and issues.

Q:When is time to have ERP?

A:If you are to the point where you need a system and you are wasting time in your current set-up, ERP offers you many tools to aid you through the process; vendors service to whatever degree you desire.

Q:Can I handle ERP?

A:If you and/or your people are wasting a lot of time and energy on things that don’t provide value to the company then the answer is probably yes.

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